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As an orthodontist in practice for last 4 ½ years , I have been consistently providing braces treatment to teenagers keeping their chronological age as the onset criteria. But what about the other end of the spectrum ? With increasing prevalence of appliances that are barely noticeable , it is not hard to figure out why more and more adults are seeking treatment. At delhidentist.co clinics we are proud to help patients at all age groups achieve their confident smile. Do I believe in treating the older population ? Or , do I have adult patients walking upto me to get Braces ? There are ample reasons to consider orthodontic treatment at any age which could vary anywhere from getting mal-alignment corrected to getting a proud smile giving a moral boost to the patient. The factors that closely determine your candidature as an orthodontic patient is the state of your periodontal health , general health , extent of your malocclusion and not your biological age. Compromised general health such as cardiac anomaly , blood disorder , neurological disorder like Epilepsy, uncontrolled diabetes , etc may act as a constraint. Although a rare problem , but something to be mindful of during orthodontic corrections.

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