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After evaluating and treating thousands of cases who are looking for Implants to replace their missing teeth; I would like to say that most of the patients who were told some time back that you have poor or insufficient bone and are not fit for Dental Implants, can be undertaken for the rehabilitation with Implants with ease today. The recent techniques and the newer materials including the bone augmentation procedures allow us to ensure placement of Implants in most of the poor prognosis cases also.

The most apparent reason that stops an Implantologist from placing an Implant is absence of bone in the jaws as the implant has to have sound and healthy bone for suitable prognosis. Lack of bone will not create adequate union between the bone and the implant (Osseo-integration). Bone is measured for two factors which are important for treatment planning; quantity and the quality. Quantity broadly relates to the height and width of the leftover bone (residual alveolar ridge) once the tooth is extracted or it falls on its own. The quality refers to its density and hardness. Patients where the bone is deficient, it can be augmented or built up using different artificial bone options and where the bone is poor in quality; the location or the type of Implants used can be changed to get predictable prognosis. 

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